Top 10 PC Gaming Setups to Take Inspiration From

Believe it or not, the gaming area for a gamer is what bat cave is to bat man.

However, it will be silly to assume that all the gamers want similar gaming setups. So, let us look into 10 different PC gaming setups. Keep reading, you might just find what you are looking for.

I have compiled a list of top 10 gaming setups of youtubers.

10. Budget Gaming Setup

Gaming setups are generally super expensive. Even thinking about setting up a gaming area costs you money! Jk.

In this video, the entire setup is done just for $200 and it is seriously good. It will be cheaper now considering this video was created in 2016.

There are no specific color codes used in this setup. However, the gaming setup does not fail to be one of the best in the entire list. Also, the gaming area looks super comfortable.

9. Red-Black Color Coded Gaming Setup

This gaming setup is going to be your favorite if you love red and black color. The setup has two monitors along with PS4 and other accessories. Not to forget, this gamer has used red and black skins on PS4 and controllers to go with the red-black color code. This well-organized gaming setup is surely going to steal your heart!

8. Comfortable Gaming Setup

If I tell you that you can lie down and play your games, you will probably not believe me. You can go through the above video and be mesmerized, just like me. This video just made me realize how much lazy, I actually am. 😛 But, go comfy!

Also, this video has a part 1, which you can watch it here.

7. Spacious Gaming Setup

This is one of most spacious gaming setup I have seen. I’m not even kidding when I say that even looking at this setup makes me feel calm. You don’t believe me, do you? Check out the video for yourself. The way it is arranged…

6. Widest Monitor Gaming Setup

I did not know people took this bat cave thing too seriously, until I saw this video. I’m not sure if I should call this setup a UFO or a bat cave.

But one thing for sure is in this setup, you will see one of the widest gaming monitors. I actually thought there are multiple monitors, then I realized, it is one freaking monitor! Grab a look for yourself.

5. Triple Monitor Gaming Setup

If you want to have a triple gaming monitor setup, you should definitely go through this video. This setup will cost you about $1000. The entire setup is very organized and if you are person who loves simple but classy stuff, you definitely will fall in love with this setup.

4. Gaming Setup Makeover

This youtuber actually changed the complete Gaming setup look by adding minimal accessories like LED lighting and tiding up the cables. I promise, it would not even cost you much. The setup looked really good once she was done with setting up her gaming accessories. If you can only afford to spend a few dollars on the gaming setup, well this video can be an inspiration for you.

3. Smallest Gaming Room Setup

If you thought that “I don’t have enough space to set up a gaming arena” was a good enough excuse to not have a good gaming setup, well think again. This youtuber actually had his gaming setup in a closet! Look and learn kid.

2. Outdoor Gaming Setup

Your entire family, the internet and your long lost relatives and basically everyone asks you to go outdoors and play. And on the other side, you are so addicted to gaming that, you cannot move from your gaming chair. That’s why, this genius youtuber just thought of camping with the entire gaming setup outdoors. Yes, taking “playing outdoor” quite literally. Well, watch for yourself and decide!

1. Expensive Gaming Setup

The entire setup cost around $50,000! Youtuber calls the entire room as man cave. If you want to build a man cave, well you who to get inspiration from!

That’s it for the 10 best setups. I’m sure there are more really good gaming setups, but these are the ones I saw and really liked!

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