5 Alternatives to Netflix for Streaming Media Online

In the world of digitally streaming media, Netflix has become something of a ubiquitous phenomenon, earning a place in pop culture and in many of our hearts. Phrases such as “Netflix and Chill” have become part of our everyday speech, and the streaming giant has itself become a producer of hit shows. But Netflix isn’t the only game in town and there are many options offering media streaming at quite competitive prices! Read on to learn about some excellent alternatives to Netflix that will have you curling up with that bowl of popcorn in no time.

5. Hulu: If you’re strictly a TV lover, Hulu has you covered. While its movie selection isn’t as vast as some of the bigger players, $8 a month gets you a lot of television. They boast the newest episodes of some of the most popular TV shows out there, plus some of their own originals such as “Casual”, the hilarious “The Hotwives of Orlando”, and the dramatic adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

4. Acorn TV: This one is great for all the Anglophiles out there, as it has a huge range of British television programs– and not just the standard BBC fare! You’ll find shows with well-loved British actors such as Patrick Stewart, Hugo Weaving and Gabriel Byrne, as well as shows with fresh-faced talent just waiting to be discovered. If you like exploring new titles that no one’s heard of yet and discovering new cult classics from across the pond, this might be the service for you. On top of that, the $4.99 a month price tag is hard to beat, even when considering the admittedly somewhat limited selection.

3. Amazon Prime Video: Not only does your $79 annual Amazon membership get you free 2-day shipping from Amazon, but you also get access to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon.com’s video streaming service. In addition to a multitude of great shows from the United States, Canada, and around the world, Amazon Prime Video also boasts a few of its own originals, such as the hit adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” and the reboot of the cult comic favourite, “The Tick”. It might not have as gigantic a catalog as Netflix, but the fresh original offerings and other perks (hello, free shipping!) more than make up for it.

2. Crave TV: Bell’s answer to Netflix offers a number of options, from older HBO programs such as “Sex and the City”, “The Wire”, and “The Sopranos”, to the new season of Twin Peaks, to Canadian content like the comedy Letterkenny. CraveTV also hosts a number of shows that are exclusive to their service. It boasts a diverse catalog to rival the bigger streaming services, and the $7.99 monthly price tag is nothing to sneeze at. What’s more, if you happen to still be using Bell’s cable service, you get access to CraveTV for free. Maybe there are still good reasons to be using cable…

1. ShowBox:  Coming in at number one on our list is ShowBox APK, an exciting service that has been getting a lot of attention. Not just because it allows you to watch pretty much any show or movie that you could think of on your Android device, but it allows you to do so at an irresistible price: Free. That’s right. Using Showbox, you can stream almost any movie or TV show from around the world for free! And ShowBox isn’t just for your phone or tablet: If you own a smart TV that runs on Android, you can install it directly, making it extremely convenient. No Android device? No problem! You can even install Showbox directly on your PC. Plus, everything streams in HD. And how can you beat that price tag?

There you have it! Netflix, watch out! New competitors are coming out of the woodwork and definitely giving the media giants a run for their money! Whether you like your media more niche, mainstream, or somewhere in between, there’s a digital media streaming service available at a price that’s just right for you. No matter what your preference, these Netflix alternatives will give you plenty of options for your next movie night or binge-watching marathon. Try one of them out today!

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